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About Us

About the Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union

Toledo’s first community development credit union, The Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union opened its doors to serve the central city community on July 21, 1996. We envisioned the need for our community, like all others, to gain control of the economic dollars circulating within our community. Any thriving community turns their resource over at least five to ten times before it leaves the community.

The Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union has exceeded our wildest expectations. It was named one of the fastest growing financial institutions of its kind in the country. Our membership is rapidly increasing with assets of over 10 million and growing…Economic Strength.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union is to achieve economic empowerment through education for its members, to be active partners in the community.


Bishop Duane C. Tisdale
Bishop Edward T. Cook
Bishop Robert A. Culp
Min. Rick Hunter
Dr. Suzette Cowell

Alto King Jr.
Edwin Mabrey
Ken Anderson
James Cobham
Roosevelt Gant

Honorary Founder
Rev. Dr. John E. Roberts

Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union Board of Directors:

Bishop Pat McKinstry, President
Bishop-Elect Jerry Boose, Vice President
Lawrence Friedman, Secretary
Dr. Suzette Cowell, CEO/ Treasurer
Pastor Timothy Pettaway, Chaplin
Edwin Mabrey
Sr. Virginia Welsh
Ray Wood

Adele Jasion – Supervisory Chair

Supervisory Committee
Mark Sommer

Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union

Dr. Suzette Cowell

Mortgage Loan Officer
Warren Fleer

Consumer Loan Officers
Eric Cowell